Common Purpose

A flexible and personalised leadership programme that offers modular learning and development for established leaders.

What is Meridian?

Meridian is an experiential leadership programme for senior leaders.

Meridian develops leaders with the skills, networks and understanding to make an impact in their organization and across their city. The programme uses a real-world experiential approach. We convene leaders from every corner of the city to share honest accounts of their leadership challenges. We take participants to places and organizations where they can explore how leaders approach complex change in different contexts.

The learning process facilitates constant exposure to each other, to the guest contributors and to the experience of operating in very unfamiliar situations.

Arion Yiu, Partner, KPMG

"Meridian enhanced my confidence to lead even the most challenging tasks; to bite the bullet with tough decisions; to be courageous with what I believe to be the right thing to do for long term benefits; to engage stakeholders, particularly those from opposite camps; to base decisions on thorough analysis; to balance people and task issues and to stick to my core values and principles." 

Who is Meridian for?

Meridian is for established leaders who are already experienced at delivering objectives and managing people and priorities. It is ideal for leaders who are responsible for developing partnerships, engaging with internal or external stakeholders, working across several locations, divisions or countries or who simply need to broaden their horizons.

Why Meridian?

Benefits to participants

  • Become more accustomed to going outside their familiar environment and better able to adapt to new situations.
  • Develop lasting working relationships with people they would almost certainly never have met otherwise.
  • Learn how to lead in situations where they have no authority and how to become the kinds of people who can build and lead collaborations when required.
  • Become responsible leaders who understand their local surroundings - in the national and international context - and the impact of their decisions.
  • Improve their Cultural Intelligence by discovering how their own language, behaviour and biases can get in their way as leaders.
  • Find out when and how they can make their own contribution at work and in society.

Andrew Wan, CFO and Senior Director Corporate Affairs, Securities and Futures Commission

"Hearing directly from the key leaders of different organizations their great insight and secret of success influenced the way I plan to lead in future."

Programme format

The Meridian programme is comprised of four full-day modules that allow participants to explore leadership themes as part of a diverse, cross-sector group. We convene senior leaders from across the city to share honest accounts of their own leadership challenges and the ways they overcame them. Throughout the four days, participants will explore leadership and the Leading Beyond Authority framework through the following modules: 

Modules include

Leadership insights - participants will meet with key leaders in Hong Kong who will share their first-hand experience from their successes and failures - of leading beyond their immediate area of authority to create change.

Themes: Leading complex change; Adapting to a new environment.

  • Understanding Place
    It is important to root learning in the reality of your environment and on each programme we facilitate a series of immersion experiences into the city. These sessions in turn help participants to experience leadership and decision-making in different contexts.
  • Understanding Change
    Participants will have the chance to grapple with a real life challenge or issue and meet the leaders involved in creating change. 

Themes: Power & influence; Passion & Resonance.

  • The Collab
    Participants will be tasked with representing real-life organisations involved in issues relevant to their work and community, and challenged to negotiate partnerships to develop collaborative solutions.
  • Learning groups
    Participants will have the opportunity to share challenges they face at work with others and to explore these challenges in greater depth with a group of their peers.
  • Preparing to lead change
    Participants will explore the role of Cultural Intelligence as they begin to lead outside of their direct scope of authority, they will also look at how to balance long term goals with the present and explore how a leader works towards a vision without getting lost dealing with day to day distractions.
  • Reflection
    Participants will reflect on the experiences through different exercises and consider how they can make what they've seen applicable to their own jobs and organization, building their understanding of what it takes to Lead Beyond Authority.
Rebecca Ng, Agency Director, Hong Kong Children & Youth Services

“I shall dare to dream and act with passion.”

Important information

Dates: Week 1 - Sep 26 & 27, 2019; Week 2 - Oct 10 & 11, 2019 (Full Days).

Cost: Meridian 2018 course fee - HKD 57,840.

Financial Assistance: Some part-scholarships available for participants who are genuinely unable to meet the full fee.