We see the impact of our programmes in four areas: Inclusive Leadership, Better Decisions, Broad Networks and Bold Innovation. In turn, you will have a greater impact on your organization and city.

Measuring our impact

Common Purpose develops leaders who can cross boundaries: between sectors and specializations, geographies and generations, backgrounds and beliefs. This enables them to solve complex problems both in organizations and in cities.

We measure our impact through the eight leadership competencies in our Impact Quadrant.





Common Purpose India Testimonials

Aruna Newton, Head of Design & Research, Infosys Leadership Institute

"Common Purpose is more than a platform; more than a forum; it is a crucible for a set of very powerful ideas. ... For the first time in India we actually have a forum that sees merit in the collaborative efforts across the heart, mind, money and muscle to execute programmes for public good."

Chetan Garga, Senior Vice President & Director - Finance & Administration, Northern Operating Services

"It has been eye opening and revolutionary to say the least. Some of the interactions, experiences have been something that I never could have dreamt of doing on my own."

Abhijit Mukherjee, Assistant Director, Association for People with Disability

"It is enriching. What is unique is that it provoked us to think; to interact and to be ourselves. Common Purpose made me more complete."

Gururaj Rao, Trustee, Chief Co ordinator, Comprehensive Trauma Consortium

"Common Purpose rekindled the spirit of leadership in me. It is truly unique and first of its kind. There has definitely been a sea of change within myself. As we start realising that there is much more to do; we start changing ourselves. The change within us brings the change outside us. The world is a mirror of us. Whatever we feel; we think; actually reflects. New dimensions of thinking, understanding and seeing is what Common Purpose brought to us."

Do you have a story to share?

We would love to hear from you about the impact of your Common Purpose experience. 

Perhaps you improved your networks which has helped you to think differently or to come up with new ideas; you improved your leadership style after completing the programme; you set up a new business or a new initiative; or you do approach things differently now.

When writing your story please try to include a photograph to accompany your story as this will help to bring it to life.