We work with organizations in many ways to fulfil their leadership development needs.

Open programmes

Does your organization need leaders who can solve complex problems? We run leadership programmes for both emerging leaders and senior leaders in cities around the world. Find a programme that will develop your employees into leaders who can cross boundaries.

Student programmes

We work with corporate organizations and universities to create leadership development programmes for students. Find out how you can partner with us to create the next generation of leaders.

Customized programmes

We work with your organization to: diagnose areas in your business where leaders need to lead across boundaries more effectively; design customized interventions that address the root cause of the problem; and deliver experiences that create lasting impact. Read more on our global site.

Social impact programmes

Many organizations work with us because they are committed to developing leaders in society. Our experience and expertise has so far helped organizations as diverse as the EU, the British Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation fulfil their aim of developing leaders in society around the world. Visit our global site for more information.