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Lisa Deng

The University of Sydney

Follow the stories of four Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars and hear first-hand their learnings and experiences over the 12 month leadership development programme.

"A remarkable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and explore new ideas in different contexts."


I am passionate about making people’s lives better through technology and design.  Whether this is by improving functionality and enhancing efficiency or by enhancing the aesthetic environment. I am also a socially conscious environmentalist who is fascinated by the rapid social, political and economic developments in China.  I would like to combine all three of these interests in my future work. Currently, I am working as a digital designer at Stone and Chalk, Sydney's largest fintech hub.  One of my most exciting projects has been to induct three Chinese start-ups into the Australian market as part of our Fintech Asia program.  This included orchestrating meetings and introducing them to local entrepreneurs and business leaders who could act as potential mentors for them in Australia. 

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Design Thinking


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