We see the impact of our programmes in four areas: Inclusive LeadershipBroad NetworksBetter Decisions and Bold Innovation. In turn, you will have a greater impact on your organization and city. 

Measuring our impact

Common Purpose develops leaders who can cross boundaries: between sectors and specializations, geographies and generations, backgrounds and beliefs. This enables them to solve complex problems both in organizations and in cities.

We measure our impact through the eight leadership competencies in our Impact Quadrant.





The Power of Diversity

Dr Syahira Hamidon
Head of Entrepreneurship Unit, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. 

Dr. Syahira Hamidon was responsible for delivering the “Entrepreneurial Educators Enhancement Program” (3EP), an initiative that aimed to help graduates become job creators rather than job seekers.  She felt the solution was to include Entrepreneurship Education (EE) as an integral part of training for educators. But here, Dr. Syahira hit a speed bump; the scheme had to innovate fresh ways of teaching, using teaching spaces, and empowering students. 

In her words:

One of the key lessons I learnt from the ASEAN Leaders Programme was to recognize the benefits of engaging with diverse sets of people. I put together a team with different viewpoints to develop a framework and modules for the program. The modules we developed were far more experiential than mere classroom-based versions. Implementation became easier as everyone was more excited and engaged. I also included academics, industry players, entrepreneurs, and NGOs in the group, which generated some really good ideas for the 3EP.

I felt more confident leading the team and consistently reminded myself to minimize my prejudices and biases—another lesson I learnt on the ASEAN Leaders Programme. In addition, I remained engaged with my diverse team throughout the implementation phase; as I learnt, there is no point having a good plan unless you execute it effectively. The piloted 3EP received very positive feedback and as a result, I am thrilled to say that the Ministry of Higher Education has agreed to recognize 3EP as one of its high impact entrepreneurship programs.

Do you have a story to share?

We would love to hear from you about the impact of your Common Purpose experience. 

Perhaps you improved your networks which has helped you to think differently or to come up with new ideas; you improved your leadership style after completing the programme; you set up a new business or a new initiative; or you do approach things differently now.

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