United Kingdom

Common Purpose

Common Purpose UK runs leadership development programmes for emerging leaders across the United Kingdom.

At the start of your career, talent and determination might well be a path to success. But so often we see promising leaders who get so far and then stall. The problems they are required to solve become increasingly complicated; they involve more and more people—inside and outside of the organization.

At Common Purpose, we believe emerging leaders are better able to solve these problems if they also know how to work with people who are different to them—be that different sectors, different generations or different cultures, both in their organization and in society. 


That’s why we deliver experiential leadership programmes that help early-career stage individuals to become leaders who can cross boundaries. Some of our programmes are locally focused: taking you to places in your city where you can gain insights from real-world leaders. Other programmes are globally focused: where you will work within an international group to develop Cultural Intelligence (CQ)—the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures.

The result is that as you face complex challenges, you will have developed the skills, confidence and a network that will help you to cross boundaries and progress in your career.

The streetwise mba®

A programme for inclusive leaders: to lead diverse teams, serve diverse customers and work with diverse stakeholders. If you would like general information about the streetwise mba programme please click here.